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Why Choose Brembo Premium Ceramic Brake Pads

With so many brake products out in the market, it can be difficult for motorists to decide what to use for his or her car. There are 5 reasons why Brembo Premium Ceramic brake pads should be on the top of your list.

1. Brembo is the undisputed world leader in braking. This is not just marketing speak. No other brake manufacturer can claim the same success Brembo has in all aspects of braking. Top marques like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Aston Martin only use Brembo. Luxury brands like Mercedes Benz, BMW and Lexus use Brembo for their flagship models. And even mass-market manufacturers like Toyota, Ford, Honda, General Motors, Kia and Hyundai use Brembo for their high-performance vehicles. And in motorsport, Brembo has no rivals, dominating in Formula 1, WRC, NASCAR, WEC and Formula E.

2. The most tested brake pad in the Philippines. While Brembo's expertise in brakes is unquestioned, we at AutoPerformance Ph are passionate about cars, and took it upon ourselves to see exactly how good Brembo's Premium Ceramic brake pads are. This is why even though they are not designed for racing, we have tested Brembo Premium Ceramic pads in all sorts of local motorsport, from circuit racing, to rallying, to slalom and autocross. And in every single category, we have won, with drivers such as David Feliciano, Milo Rivera, and Jeff Borja. And since its inaugural season in 2013, Bremob Premium Ceramic pads have been the official brake pad for the Toyota Vios Cup and Vios Racing Festival, powering champions such as Dominic Ochoa, Allan Uy, and Andres Calma. We have proven over the years that Brembo can deliver safety and performance in the most extreme conditions that the Philippine climate can dish out.

3. There is no one-size-fits-all solution with Brembo. Brembo Premium Ceramic brake pads use over 100 different formulas, each made for specific applications. They know that the braking needs of a small family hatchback are different from a large SUV. You can be sure the Brembo brake pads you install were designed specifically for your car by Brembo's engineering and R&D.

4. Longer brake disc life. Your brake disc costs much more than your brake pads, and pads with extra-hard compounds can reduce your disc life significantly. Brembo Premium Ceramic pads are engineered for enhanced brake disc longevity, while not compromising on safety and performance.

5. Ease of installation. Each package of Brembo Premium Ceramic brake pads comes complete with everything you need to install your brake pads, including clips and hardware. There is even a packet of Brembo B-Quiet brake grease, to ensure noise-free use and longer life of your braking system.

There are so many marketing claims and slogans and ads promoting different brake pads, and it can be overwhelming. But the reasons to choose Brembo are based on facts, not opinion. And with prices starting at P2,000 and up, Brembo Premium Ceramic brake pads offer the highest levels of quality, safety and performance for your Peso.

Visit our Dealer Finder to contact a Brembo Official Dealer near you, or shop online at the Brembo Official Store on Lazada. For dealership inquiries, contact us at or send us a message in our official Facebook page.


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