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What Is In An Icer Brake Pad?

A brake pad has three main components: The backing plate, the friction material, and the adhesive that holds the two together. Sounds simple, right? But just because it sounds like a simple product, it doesn't mean that the science and technology that goes into making brake pads is simple. Brake pads are the most important active safety feature in your car, and a good brake pad can mean the difference between a safe journey and a tragic accident. And Icer Brakes - a company with 60 years experience in making brake pads - packs a lot of technology that give it excellent quality for a very affordable price. So what goes into making an Icer brake pad?

It all starts with the friction material. Icer uses cutting-edge copper-free friction materials for all its brake pads. Their current formulas use up to 200 different materials to satisfy the market’s needs and the expectations of its customers for all applications. They even have special formulations for SUVs and LCVs (Light Commercial Vehicles, such as pickup trucks).

The backing plate is machine cut, and is important for the brake pad's rigidity and strength. Icer takes this one step further by using NRS hooks on their backing plates, which increase the shear strength of the brake pad. This means a safer and more durable product.

the adhesive glue is applied, the pads are then combined in a positive press machine and then baked to cure the adhesive. Slots and chamfers are applied to the applications that require it. Next, the brake pad goes through a scorching process, subjected to high heat and pressure to releases gases from the resins in the friction material which can cause brake fade.

When this is done. the backing plates are cleaned up and the anti-noise shim is installed. The brake pads are then stamped with the Icer logo, part number, R90 mark and other important markings to identify the product.

All of Icer's brake pads go through a battery of tests, to measure shear strength, hardness, compressibility, noise, performance, wear, and other important characteristics. This comprehensive quality control process is required to meet ECE R90 standards, which are among the strictest in the world.

The brake pads and its accessories such as clips, springs and wear indicators are then packed carefully to ensure that they are not damaged in transit from Icer's factory in Spain to the distributor in you country, and then to your neighborhood workshop.

All of these steps ensure that users of Icer brakes get the quality and safety they expect from a 100% European-made product. As the leading European independent manufacturer of brake pads, Icer believes in offering top quality products at competitive prices. Its factory, which includes a state of the art R&D center, produces more than 22,000,000 brake pads annually and ships to more than 70 countries worldwide.

Contact us to find an Icer Official Dealer near you, or check out the Icer Flagship Store on Lazada. Dealer inquiries are welcome!


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