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Tips For Safe Driving in the Rain with Icer Brakes

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

The rainy season is here, and now is the time to make sure our cars are ready for the wet weather. Road accidents happen more during this time, but you can help prevent this with a few simple tips.

1. Drive slower. This is the easiest things you can do. When the roads are wet, there is less grip from your tires. That means your car cannot slow down or change directions like it normally does, and you are more likely to skid or slide if you try to drive the car like you do when the road is dry. Rain also reduced visibility, so you have to give yourself more time to react in the event there are road hazards ahead.

2. Use your headlights in heavy rain. When the rain is so heavy that visibility is reduced, having your headlights and tail lights on will help those around you see you. It is important that you DO NOT use your parking lights or hazard lights. Using these may confuse motorists around you and cause an accident. Also, DO NOT use your high beams. This will make visibility worse for you, because the lights reflect off the rainfall and back to you.

3. Check the local news reports for flooding or heavy rainfall before you leave home. Unexpectedly driving to a flooded area only to turn around is a sure way to have a bad day. It can be worse if you get stuck there as the water level rises. A quick check on the radio, or even social media (check out your LGU's account, or PAGASA) can help prevent this from happening.

4. Check your tires. Make sure your tire tread depth is within proper specifications, and don't forget to properly inflate them. Deflated tires can give you less grip and can cause hydroplaning. which is very dangerous.

5. Make sure your brakes are in top condition. Braking performance decreases in the wet, so having top quality brakes outfitted to your car is a must. And for affordable European-quality brake pads, choose Icer Brakes. These are ECE-R90 tested and approved, and made in Spain, so you can count on your brakes even when the weather turns bad.

Contact us to find an Icer Official Dealer near you, or check out the Icer Flagship Store on Lazada. Dealer inquiries are welcome!

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