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Icer Brakes Embraces Environmental Sustainability

Icer Brakes celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, growing from a small local business into the largest independent brake manufacturer in the world, with partnerships with some of the biggest names in the industry. Instead of focusing too much on its past, however, Icer looks to the future, especially when it comes to environmental responsibility.

Since becoming one of the first brake manufacturers to abolish asbestos in its products in 1990, Icer has made health and environmental protection a core part of its identity. It is also one of the early adopters of copper-free technology, and has since adopted the strict guidelines of the Washington and California States in the USA by being free of other heavy metals like cadmium, chromium IV, lead and mercury, which pollutes rivers and oceans with toxic materials that are harmful to aquatic life.

In 2020, Icer unveiled its latest project, a 1.8-megawatt solar power plant, which will help supply clean energy to its manufacturing facility in Tudela, Spain. With enough capacity to power 19% of the factory's total electricity needs, this new initiative saves approximately 600 tons of CO2 emissions every year - the equivalent of planting 45,000 trees.

Along with the new solar plant, Icer was awarded ISO 14001 certification for its Environmental Management System (EMS), which helps to identify, prioritize and manage the environmental risks derived from its industrial activity.

All of these show Icer's commitment not just to improving your brakes today, but also our environment tomorrow.


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