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Brembo Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Brembo came to be in a little municipality near Bergamo in 1961, as a small mechanical workshop founded by Emilio Bombassei. Today, Brembo celebrates its 60th anniversary: An entrepreneurial adventure steeped in technological innovation and continuous research in design and performance, which led to a starring role in Motorsport and a constant commitment to sustainability.

The company milestones include the production of the first complete braking system, installed as standard on Guzzi and Laverda motorcycles in 1972, entering Formula 1 in 1975 supplying Ferrari, and development of the first aluminum caliper and the first carbon discs in the 1980s. In 2007, Kilometro Rosso was built, serving as a hub for R&D, startup incubation, and technical education.

Over the past 60 years, that little workshop has become a world leader, operating in 15 countries with 26 sites, between production facilities and commercial branches, and a workforce of more than 11,000. Brembo supplies the world's top automotive manufacturers, including Ferrari, Porsche, Ford, Toyota and more, and its motorsport effort has earned over 500 world championships. Throughout this time, Brembo's philosophy hasn’t changed: guarantee the best possible braking for every vehicle.

Brembo’s now aims to be a leader in mobility electrification, digitalization, autonomous driving and sustainability. This new mission is to become an authoritative solution provider, by integrating increasingly digital and sustainable products and services, summed up by its new slogan, “Turning Energy into Inspiration.”

Since 2012, AutoPerformance Ph has been Brembo's Official Philippine Distributor. Visit to learn more about Brembo in the Philippines, and contact us for inquiries and dealer applications.


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