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Bedding-In Your New Brake Discs and Brake Pads

Newly installed brake discs and brake pads need a break-in period, also known as a bedding-in or running-in period. This ensures the newly installed parts operate at its optimal safety and performance. Failure to observe this properly can result in noise, vibration, uneven wear, premature wear, or compromised brake system performance.

Bedding in lasts about 300 km, during which it is essential to check for vibrations and noise from the brakes, both when driving and braking. During this period, the driver should make brief, soft braking movements to allow the surfaces of the brake pads in contact with the brake discs to align correctly. Extremely sharp or violent braking can cause overheating of the friction material of the pads and disc, eventually compromising the integrity and the performance of brakes. It is also important to note that warranty is void if the brake discs and brake pads were not bedded-in properly.

For more information, visit the Brembo Parts website, or visit our FAQ. Brembo Aftermarket brake products are available at your nearest Brembo Official Dealer, as well as through the Brembo Official Store in Lazada. Contact us through Facebook Messenger or through email for more information or to find a Brembo Official Dealer near you.


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