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AutoPerformance Ph Officially Launches Icer Brakes in the Philippines

Updated: Feb 26, 2021


The Filipino motorist is more informed than ever. Just being the cheapest product in the market is no longer enough - quality and safety are now more in demand than ever. This is especially true with brake pads, which are one of the most important safety components in a vehicle. But in today's difficult times, the consumers also want to get the best for value for money. To address the needs of these hardworking Filipinos, AUTOPERFORMANCE PH is proud to officially introduce ICER BRAKES to the Philippine market.

During a live media launch event on January 19, 2021, AUTOPERFORMANCE PH and ICER BRAKES S.A. officially announced it partnership for the Philippine market, with Francis Aguila of AUTOPERFORMANCE PH and Miguel Sancho of ICER BRAKES joined by some of the country's most prominent automotive journalists in attendance.

As ICER's officially-appointed Philippine distributor, AUTOPERFORMANCE PH combines its unique technical competence in automotive brakes, nationwide reach, and service-oriented approach with ICER's world-class products. “We are proud to offer premium quality brakes at affordable prices, directly from Spain,” says Miguel Sancho, Export Manager for ICER Brakes. “We are confident that AUTOPERFORMANCE PH is the perfect partner in the Philippines: a top aftermarket company, now with ICER – a top brake manufacturer with products 100% Made in Spain.”

“We believe that the value proposition ICER products offer is something that is lacking in the Philippine market,” says Francis Aguila of AUTOPERFORMANCE PH, “and we want to make sure all Filipinos can get ICER brake pads for their vehicles quickly and hassle-free.”

ICER brake pads will be available in automotive repair shops nationwide, in one of AUTOPERFORMANCE PH's over 100 dealers nationwide. During a dealer-exclusive pre-launch presentation, workshops were given a preview of the value for money proposition that ICER offers.

"Very excited that AUTOPERFORMANCE PH is now providing ICER BRAKES," says Allen Escoto of The Discount Yard and Top Spec Performance, dealers of AUTOPERFORMANCE PH's products. "ICER BRAKES have great performance and very affordable to the general public!"

Billy Billano of Parts Pro and Fixstop Auto Service adds, "We are looking forward to great aftersales support and product knowledge from the new Philippine distributor, as well as better support with technical issues."

To get ICER brake pads for your car, visit to find a list of dealers near you. For more information on ICER, or for dealer inquiries, visit or their official Facebook page.


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