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AutoPerformance Ph Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Starting off as nothing but passion and vision, AutoPerformance Ph now celebrates a decade of providing the world's best automotive products to the Philippine market. Ten years of memorable events abound, from its humble beginnings in 2012 to a thriving and growing distribution company today.

"On behalf of the company, I want to thank everyone who was a part of our journey," says Francis Aguila, president of AutoPerformance Ph. "That includes dealers, principals, friends in media, industry colleagues, brand ambassadors, partner car clubs, the racing community, and AutoPerformance Ph team members past and present. There are so many amazing milestones, experiences, and friendships that have come from this venture. I am most proud of my team, who have, over the past decade, exemplified our key values of Passion, Excellence and Integrity."

AutoPerformance Ph is the leader in service, technical and innovation in automotive brakes, representing Brembo Brakes since 2012, and later on Icer Brakes 2021. More than just a trading company, AutoPerformance Ph has set new benchmarks for customer support, application experience, and community involvement. Strategic partnerships has been a strength, with a dealer network of over 120 auto supply stores and workshop garages nationwide, collaborations with industry leaders like Toyota Motor Philippines, and associations with race teams, car clubs, and media outlets.

In 2014, AutoPerformance Ph entered the motorsport industry under AutoPerformance Motorsport, representing the world's top brands like Sabelt, Alpinestars, and Stilo, eventually adding Sparco, Schuberth, Stand 21 and Zamp Racing to its product line. It also spawned a championship-winning endurance racing team.

As AutoPerformance Ph reaches this milestone, it continues to look ahead, expanding its product range, increasing its logistics and technical abilities, and growing it already nationwide reach even further.

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