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About ICER Brakes

Established in 1961, ICER BRAKES is Europe’s leading independent manufacturer of brake pads. ICER BRAKES believes in offering top quality products at competitive prices. With headquarters in Pamplona, main factory, state of the art R&D center and warehouses in Tudela (Spain), ICER BRAKES produces more than 22,000,000 brake pads annually and operates in more than 70 countries worldwide. ICER has brake pads for Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, and other popular vehicles in the Philippines.


AUTOPERFORMANCE PH is the official distributor for ICER BRAKES in the Philippines. Since 2012, we have been a leader in automotive brakes, with over 120 official dealers nationwide. Our expertise comes from working with car manufacturers such as Toyota, professional racing teams such as Tuason Racing, and training from the world's best brakes manufacturers.


OE Spec Brake Pads

ICER's main product offering is OE-spec brake pads. The main factor that sets ICER apart  is giving the customer optimum value for money. That means excellent quality, extensive product line, and competitive pricing. ICER's focus on R&D means new applications are released quickly, and ICER offers brake pads for most vehicles in the market, including Asian, European, and American cars of all types.


Advanced Materials

ICER BRAKES’ current formulas use up to 200 different materials to satisfy the market’s needs and the expectations of its customers for all applications. ICER's advantage is manufacturing with most modern methods and production resources, advanced construction, and cutting-edge copper-free friction materials.


European Quality

100% of ICER BRAKES’ pads are manufactured in accordance with ICER’s strict requirements to comply with regulation R-90, and incorporate a scorching process, which gives them a significant advantage when joining the disk to the pad. The pressing process is carried out with an integrated high-pressure pressing system, which ensures maximum comfort levels for users.

Dealers Wanted

Do you have a auto parts store or repair shop? Want to offer affordable European quality brake pads to your customers? Contact us to become an Icer Certified Dealer!

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