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Brembo Gran Turismo Big Brake Kit

The Brembo GT big brake kit is the most popular High Performance system for use on the street or on a track. Each GT Kit

is engineered specifically for each vehicle, which means optimal brake balance and performance. Some vehicles may have multiple GT Kit options, to allow for a wide range of uses. Below are the components found in each Brembo GT big brake kit.


Aluminum Calipers

Brembo has multiple caliper body designs, each designed for specific uses. Caliper combinations are chosen with optimum brake balance in mind, and are designed to be compatible with the car's OEM hydraulic system.

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Disc Types

GT Kits come with discs made with advanced metallurgy for more heat dissipation and stopping power. Four disc types are available (depending on the GT System) - Cross-Drilled, Type 1 slotted, Type 3 slotted and Type 5 slotted.

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FM1000 Brake Pads

The Brembo FM1000 compound pads are included in every Brembo High Performance system. The FM1000 is a proprietary compound that exhibits great initial response, feel and modulation characteristics in a wide range of environments from road use to track duty.

Goodridge Brake Line.jpg

Brake Lines

All Brembo GT Systems come with stainless steel braided  made by Goodridge. The brake lines are made specifically for use with the Brembo kit to withstand the hydraulic pressures used in high performance braking, and to improve pedal feel and feedback.

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Aluminum Brackets

The high levels of brake torque generated by the GT Kit requires extremely strong mounting hardware. Milled from aircraft grade T-6061 aluminum and anodized in black, these mounting brackets are a vital part of the entire system.


Brembo Check

Protect yourself and your car and make sure you are buying a genuine Brembo product with the Brembo Check App. Scan the QR code with the app to see if the product in front of you is the real thing.

Special Brake Systems

These brake systems are made for those select few whose needs exceed the capabilities of the Brembo GT Kit.


Brembo GT-S

The race inspired Brembo GT-S Kit features black hard-anodized aluminum calipers have tech derived from the LeMans-winning Ford GT. The pistons include racing style radiators and dual inner piston seals, with an inner pressure seal and an outer wiper seal.


Brembo GT-R

This is the ultimate system intended to be used on the street or track. It combines low noise and comfort of a road system, yet the qualities of a race caliper such as the strength of forged billet monobloc construction and corrosion resistance of nickel plating.

Brembo Pista.jpg

Brembo Pista

Brembo Pista kits take caliper technologies directly from its racing products and packages them in a kit that is accessible for most racers. The quick pad release system, internal fluid ducts, and asymmetric body are all features of professional racing systems.


Brembo CCM-R

CCM-R (Carbon Ceramic Material - R) is an ultra high-end system that features technologies developed in F1. CCM-R kits have low weight and maximum thermal capacity and performance. CCM-R kits can be combined with GT calipers, GT-S calipers, or GT-R calipers.

Brembo Sport Discs and Pads

Brembo's entry-level high performance products are perfect for spirited road use and occasional track duty. Fully compatible with your car's OE brake system, Brembo Sport Discs and Sport Pads are a great first step up from stock.

Brembo Sport Pads.jpg

Sport Pads

Designed and tested predominantly for performance-oriented street use, Brembo Sport brake pads represent the first upgrade level for any braking system.


Sport Discs

Brembo Sport discs are ideal for enthusiasts who use their vehicles for both normal road use and more performance oriented street driving. These discs are made from high-carbon cast iron for improved thermal and mechanical resistance.

Brembo Racing Fluid

The lifesblood of the braking system, a reliable racing brake fluid is an absolute necessity for competitive motorsport.


LCF 600 Plus

Brembo LCF 600 Plus has a higher wet boiling point that allows for less frequent fluid bleeds, so customers can get multiple track events out of the same quantity of fluid. This fluid is applicable for street use, track use, and some race use.



Brembo's HTC 64T brake fluid can handle high temperatures without loss of pedal feel (independently proven low compressibility). It is formulated to provide the highest performance and consistency in all racing conditions. HTC 64T is not recommended for street use.

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